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here are words i never learned in a classroom and that i don’t want to forget:

escuincle-kid, maybe implies a brat from the contexts i’ve heard

bronca-problem, or fight

tiangui-traditional market, derives from nahuatl.

plis-please, usually on these images of the virgencita.

and then there is a bunch that all start with c- or ch- and sometimes it is hard to keep them all straight.

chavo/a-kid, but more like young adult

chamaco-the same as chavo.


colonia-neighborhood, but each neighborhood is an official location that is part of a place’s address, like i you were to send a letter, you would have to include colonia so-and-so when writing the address.

chanza-americanism of chance.




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if you heard people talking about mother-in-law-killers, or matasuegras in spanish, what would you imagine that could possibly be? i couldn’t tell you what i would guess, but it is this. surprise!
on another note, i have a story about a coworker, gustavo. gustavo lived in los angeles for two years, in universal city.  we were talking, in english, about places we like in los angeles and he started to talk about los feliz, a neighborhood in the city. except for, he wasn’t calling it los feliz, which is what everyone calls it, he kept talking about the feliz. “i really liked The Feliz…”, etc. i never thought about it but all these cities in the united states that have names in spanish must be confusing if you are a native spanish speaker speaking english about places named in spanish.

nationalism (in dance and song)

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the celebrations of the mexican revolution carried on throughout the day after the late morning parade. and apparently they will continue for a week with more performances and movie screenings.

at the plaza bicentenario (built to celebrate the country’s 200 years of independence in september), a stage was set up for traditional baile folklorico. though i was a bit confused, the announcer shared that this specific style of dance is a cultural fusion between the normal mestizaje of indigenous and spanish culture, but also has been influenced by polish polka dance. the group’s name is yoloxoxic and its members are from all across the north of mexico: zacatecas, chuhuahua, durango, and tamaulipas.

here are my videos:



i also have recorded two songs performed by the internacional banda de musica del estado de zacatecas with guest opera singers performing revolutionary music. once i find a way to share those, i will link them here.

nationalism (is so much fun!)

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today, the 20th of november, 2010, is the 100 year anniversary of francisco i. madero’s call to arms from texas to begin fighting the revolution against porfirio diaz, who had been president for over 30 years and would not allow open elections.

celebration was clearly in order, especially since zacatecas was home to a very important battle led by pancho villa that helped secure victory for the anti-re-election revolutionaries. a 2-hour-long parade marched through the main street of the colonial center of zacatecas with marching bands and floats on top of which children reenacted important scenes from the revolution. it was a warmer than usual day and my cheeks may end up pink from the sun but it was worth it for the surprisingly fun desfile.

here are the highlights:

I also have two videos of the parade on youtube:





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i left my beautiful unesco world of zacatecas for a fairy tale land. the basque country is really old, it also rains a lot in the basque country. it’s also a really long journey to get there and back which i have not fully recovered from, so please forgive any stupids i write here.

hondarribia, a town next to the french border:

that's france on the other side

my new haircut and hair color, just so you know:

because my photo gallery is out of order, i’ll start with pictures from the sea:

if you look closely, one boat has te basque flag at the front and the other has che

next we will go to the town of markina, where troy currently lives. these pictures make it seem really rural, but i just don’t have picture of the center:

these are pintxos and they are all delicious

now, mutriku:


and then some miscellaneous photos, clearly my energy level is winding down:

actually from the same border coastal town, just i forgot about it

me and an empty museum

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though it really shouldn’t be. i’m certainly not qualified to give you my opinion of the art in the museum of abstract art here in zacatecas, i can tell you that i had a great time wandering through what appeared to be a relatively small museum. every time i would finish a room and think that i had seen it all, another room or corridor would lead me someplace else.

i was greeted with this little guy and this nice building right next to the museum. and then i entered the museum.

this might have been my favorite, yet again empty room, so i had some fun with it.

moving forward, through an outdoor walkway, more art

and then into a very creatively designed room. the walls were four stories tall but instead of having four stories, they kept it room where you entered from the top and walked across a skinny bridge to the other side of the room, looking at the highest placed art. then you took stairs down and did the same on another bridge, looking at more art, though you could see the art above and below you on the walls.

then on to a more typical museum room.

this was my morning. the entrance is quite a deal, 30 pesos, but what gets you is the bookstore. i can’t stop myself from buying books. i bought two. one is an allen ginsberg poem in spanish and in english, along with the commentary. and one is a novela, a fiction book aimed at teenagers, i thought it would be a relatively easy level of spanish i could comprehend and get sucked into.


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well, food sandwiching other good stuff.

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